Build a call tree in Javascript

Disclaimer: This is my first post in english (or at least, the first that try to). So if my writings makes your eyes bleed, please leave a comment about it !

Yesterday, at work, i had to debug an old Internet Explorer only javascript application. This software was made by dumb monkeys who had no clue about how to write maintainable code. I had to go through something close to two thousand line of code and more than an hundred of carefully nested functions… In less than an hour, I was completely lost !
This application was carefully designed to run only under Internet Explorer. There’s no hope to be able to used a decent debugger like Firebug. So as usual with this project, i decided to start to build my own tool.

I made a little script that fetches all functions to wrap them in a new function that log the function name, the caller name, the current time, the arguments and the returned value… I hoped this was enough to help me debug the code !

I wrote and test this code in Firefox. But when i tried to test it in IE, it didn’t worked…

I found that in IE, global objects (those who aren’t declared in the scope of a function) are not attached to the window object. I found a good article that describes the problem.
So I can’t iterate through the window object in order to get all the functions. Again, this an IE bug ! The only solution I found is to parse all the js files to extract all the functions names. Crazy, inefficient, and error prone ! Isn’t that a good description of IE ?

So i gave up, walked through the code manually, took some paracetamol, and after several hours, find the bug ! But, i want to publish the code above to think that i didn’t wrote it for nothing.

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