Nouveau blog

Je viens de remplacer le vieillissant DotClear 1.2 qui animait ce blog depuis sa création par un rutilant WordPress… Si vous voyez des choses qui ne fonctionnent pas, n’hésitez pas à me les rapporter…

J’en ai aussi profité pour changer le titre… Et oui, je n’étais pas très inspiré 😉

GPX file viewer

Last year, I bought a GPS tracker watch, Kalenji Keymaze 700, to record my skates (and bike) trips and training sessions. As usual, the software bundled with the watch was windows only. I found a small python script made for a similar tracker, that extracts GPX files. But I found nothing satisfying to view and analyse the GPX files under linux, so I hacked a small javascript app to display my logs.




Stage roller en provence 2012

The basic functionnalities are :
– display the track on a google map view
– show global informations about the session (time, average speed, distance, etc…)
– show altitude, speed, and heartrate graphs
– show instant informations when hovering graphs, and point the location on the map
– allow zooming on the graphs
– graphs can be based on time or distance
– detect pauses (when the speed is below 7 kph) and take them in account to compute average speed

Some things I want to improve in the futur :
– compute instant speed (speed is actually recorded by the watch, but many GPX files lack this kind of informations)
– get altitudes from Google or any other online service (altitudes reported by GPS are often imprecises)
– smooth speed and altitude to wipe out errors
– use openstreet map instead of the deprecated google map api v2
– allow an offline mode
– show colors on the track to display informations (ie: speed, heartrate, altitude or grade)
– allow to draw a virtual finish line for loop tracks, and use that line to count laps, and display laps statistics.
– add a settings screen and find a way to save settings for each file

Exemple de relevé lors de l’ascension du col de l’homme mort en roller

You can view the script in action here (and also view some of my trips 😉 )

You can download the script here. Update : You can now find it on GitHup

As usual, this script is provided under the GPL v3 licence. I hope you’ll find some good way to use it. Let me know 😉

6H roller de Paris

Cette année, avec mon club, le PUC Roller, nous avons décider d’organiser une course d’endurance à Roller dans Paris. Les premiers 6H de Paris auront lieu dans le bois de Boulogne le 5 août 2012 !

Venez nombreux !

Site des 6H de Paris

WebDAV en Javascript

I wrote a small WebDAV javascript librairy based on the prototype framework.

The API is simple :

var dav = new DAV('http://someserver/');

var txt = dav.get('somefile.txt');

dav.each('/somedir/', function(name, info) {
console.log(name, info);

txt += "\nModified";
dav.put('somefile.txt', txt);

Of course, the Same Origin Policy may limit the sites you can reach. But it work perfectly to get, list and modify files on the same server.

To configure apache to accept DAV requests, just add a Dav On in a <Directory> directive and enable the dav* modules…

While developing this script, I found that Ajax.Request doesn’t allow to make request other than GET and POST. WebDAV need more verbs, like PUT or PROPFIND. So I made a new Ajax.FreeRequest function that doesn’t check the verb used.

The script is licensed under the terms of the GPL V3 and can be downloaded here: dav-0.1.js

Mon premier plugin pour roundcube